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I decided to sign up as a client of Student Aesthetics and give it a shot. This decision was probably the best one I had ever made fitness related. Merijn from Student Aesthetics was from the beginning 100% real with me, no bro-science, and just real science of how to build muscle mass with some…

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Jasper van Oers

I just want to say a huge thank you for guiding me through these weeks. I am super satisfied with the work and I think your program is super efficient! I feel much happier and healthier. My overall life quality has improved immensely – for that I cannot thank you enough! I wish you all…

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Karin Larven

I’m 17 now and I started my fitness Journey when I was 16 in one year, through all of your tips and amazing realistic advice I lost 26kgs, I followed intermittent fasting throughout the year and I just wanted to thank you for helping me more than you can imagine, for changing my life, and…

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Aman Grewal

Merijns friendly but professional approach separates him from the other online coaches that you can find online.  In a world that is now saturated with online ‘fitness gurus’,  Merijn is genuine in his mission to help you, and always answers your questions with sound advice and examples from his own personal experiences.  The plan had personal support…

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Caitlin McCloy

My goal was to get shredded (drop body fat) & keep as much muscle as possible which is what we did. I’m so glad I was exposed to this LIFESTYLE because when I first started training & dieting in 2014, I could never stick to one program or eating plan as it just wasn’t for me….

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Dylan Wessels

Before I applied for a membership I was starving myself to lose weight. On some days I only had 600 calories in the whole day, and I still didn’t lose fat. Merijn showed me a better way to lose fat by not restricting my calories too much. I am now eating three times as much…

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