Before: 200 lbs (90 kg)
After: 176,5 lbs (80 kg)
Time Frame: 20 weeks

Rejus started at 200lbs (90kg) in August and dieted down to 176,5lbs (80kg) by January.

When I started working with Merijin I already knew quite a lot about nutrition and how to count my macros. But I didn’t exactly know when to do what and how to adjust my calories and macros properly, what’s the best way to lose fat because there are so many different opinions out there. One may say you have to go aggressively for 6-8 weeks while others may say slow and steady for 16-20 weeks is the way to go.
I tried doing it myself many times but whenever my progress stalled or wasn’t going the way I wanted I would change it drastically or say what’s the point? It’s not working and go back to eating cookies all day long and drop the gym.
With Student Aesthetics there’s no more guessing, every week I reported my progress thru email and I got adjustments when they were needed, all the guess work was out of the window. Literally just follow the plan that’s provided for you and results are guaranteed.

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