Jasper van Oers

I decided to sign up as a client of Student Aesthetics and give it a shot. This decision was probably the best one I had ever made fitness related. Merijn from Student Aesthetics was from the beginning 100% real with me, no bro-science, and just real science of how to build muscle mass with some proper training routines and the use of flexible dieting. When Merijn started coaching me, I weighed 72KG (158lbs). After 4 months of coaching, I am weighing 90.5KG (199lbs), so I gained almost 19KG (and no I am still not fat). The increase of weights that I lift right now is huge and I made some decent progression. I have to say that this is my first year in the fitness world and I made it myself a lifestyle.

So, for all the people that are hesitating about giving it a shot and sign up at Student Aesthetics, I really recommend doing it as Merijn always is real with you and assure you to make some gains.

Finally, I would like to thank Merijn for helping me out and being so real with me. Student Aesthetics changed my lifestyle and the way of being in a positive way.

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