Dylan Wessels

My goal was to get shredded (drop body fat) & keep as much muscle as possible which is what we did. I’m so glad I was exposed to this LIFESTYLE because when I first started training & dieting in 2014, I could never stick to one program or eating plan as it just wasn’t for me. Eating the same foods everyday, making sure you eat 6 meals every 2 hours just made me OCD.

I’ll never look back from here, eating the foods I want, when I want (in moderation) is the best thing you can do.

I couldn’t have done it without Merijn & I’d like to thank him very much for that. His support was there constantly, if I needed some questions answered, they were answered very quickly through email & my training programs were constantly adjusted.

I highly recommend Student Aesthetics, very professional & a great guy!

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