Online Coaching

By Merijn Schoeber

Best Selling Fitness Author, Certified Personal Trainer

I’m back! For a while I haven’t offered online coaching due to a busy schedule, but since this is what I love most and how I started helping people, I’m back at it.

My goal is to help as many people as I possible can to change not only their physiques, but their lives!

Online Coaching is my favorite way to do this, because of the personal approach that is worldwide.

In this period of my life, my main priority is to do things that I love and stand behind, and online coaching is one of those things.

Therefore, I will only take on a very limited amount of clients to give everybody the attention that they deserve!

"Having The Right Guidance And Approach Is Not Only The Key To Getting Results, But To Knowing The Ways Forever."
Merijn Schoeber

How Does It Work?

Online Coaching is a full round package in which I will personally guide you towards getting in the best shape of your life and changing your lifestyle in a positive way.

Science based approach

I’m not just a big dude in the gym that throws advice around without knowing why something works. The reason why my clients are successful is because my approach is backed up by science and it’s been proven to work.

Weekly check ins

The guidance is truly personal, and weekly check ins will make sure that you keep progressing, every single week. By using statistics such as your daily weigh-in, progression in the gym (which all can be tracked in the app) I will make changes to your program for constant progress.

Get in the best shape of your life

Everybody has different goals. It can be losing fat, building muscle or simply getting healthier. I will help you get in the best shape of your life, physically and mentally!

Gain knowledge

Getting results is great and all, but next to getting the blueprint, I want you to actually understand why you do certain things. After the coaching I want you to be able to continue on your own from all the knowledge you’ve gained.

Personalized programs

I will create each program individually based on many factors. This ensures that all my clients get results and work towards the goal that we have set together!

Change your lifestyle

Fitness can be of great impact in someone’s life. Increased energy, confidence, work ethic and becoming the best version of yourself. Important by products of getting in shape!

What Makes My Approach Different?

The reason why I became a personal trainer and started sharing fitness tips on social media is because of obstacles I had overcome myself.

When I started lifting I tried everything to get results. I followed advice from the biggest guy in the gym (because he must know what he’s doing, right?!), and I started copying routines from bodybuilding magazines to try them out myself and get the same results.

Guess what? My results absolutely sucked. At this time I started doing a lot of research into training and dieting and at some point I found out something that shocked me.. All of my idols and the people I looked up to forgot to include one very important aspect of their approach and why it worked so well for them: steroids.

At this time I realized that I had to approach fitness in a different way. I started looking into the science of training naturally, and ever since I’ve been fascinated by finding the most optimal approach to building muscle and losing fat.

You don’t have to give up everything to get in shape.. You can still have a social life, you can still eat out, enjoy good foods and drink alcohol in moderation if you like.

Over the years I have mastered this approach and have helped thousands of people to get in the best shape of their lives while still living an enjoyable lifestyle.

My Clients Love Their Results

Student Aesthetics has changed many peoples’ lives already. I’m honored to say that all my clients have been satisfied with the results they’ve had. Wether it’s being skinny and wanting to get big, being overweight and wanting to lose fat, prepping for a photoshoot or just wanting to be healthy and look good on the beach, I will get you there.

My online coaching service got even better with the power of My Shredded Lifestyle and our handy app!

Here's what's next

I will explain the steps to getting started.

Setting a goal

Setting a goal and deciding how many months you’d like to apply for. If you are unsure how many months you need to reach your goal, you can send me an email at with your stats and goals to ask my opinion!

Filling out a detailed questionnaire

When I receive your payment I will create an account for you in the portal. You will have to fill in a detailed questionnaire for me to get a good overview of your current stats, goals, daily life, lagging bodyparts, food preferences and more.

Getting started on the program

Within 3/5 days after filling in the questionnaire you will receive your personal diet, workout plan and everything else you need to get started.

Weekly check ins

Once you start the program you will do check-ins with me once a week in which I will assess your progress and make changes to your program.

Start Working With Me Today!

My name is Merijn and I started my first company Student Aesthetics because I found many things wrong with the industry and I want to make a difference. Now Student Aesthetics is combined with my second company My Shredded Lifestyle to give you even more value and a better coaching experience!

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  • Custom Workout Plan
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