How To Maximize Muscle Gains In College

Many people nowadays have the opportunity to build a lot of muscle when they are still young. When you are in college, class loads are light and hormone levels are high, this is the perfect time to start making gains! These years will be the perfect time to build yourself that physique you have always…

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5 Ways To Break Through Lifting Plateaus

Nothing is more frustrating in the gym than hitting a plateau over and over again. It just seems like you are not making any progress as time goes by. You go to the gym pumped up for your workout, determined to completely destroy it this day and give it all you got, and you still…

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Why You Should Not Train To Failure

Many people believe you have to train to failure in order to build muscle, but that’s actually not the case. We all know the big guys in the gym, screaming and pumping up their muscles until complete failure, and even then they will have someone helping them to lift the weights past failure. What they are…

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