How To Maximize Muscle Gains In College

Many people nowadays have the opportunity to build a lot of muscle when they are still young. When you are in college, class loads are light and hormone levels are high, this is the perfect time to start making gains!

These years will be the perfect time to build yourself that physique you have always dreamed about. You will have the time, resources on training, focus on diet and recovery from your workouts. At the same time, parties are looking upon you.

the choice is up to you. If you wish to know how to build maximum muscle in College, look no further!

1. Good Nutrition Choices, And Eating Big!

You have probably heard the saying “Eat big to get big”. People often take it too literally and end up getting really fat, especially when you have access to a school cafeteria. I am not saying you shouldn’t eat big, you definitely have to. As a teen, you burn much more calories as an adult, therefore you need even more to grow.

Luckily, nowadays most school cafeterias came a long way. In most cases, you pay one price to eat unlimited foods. This is a god’s palace for gains. Take full advantage of this and eat, eat, eat all day.

If you are limited to three meals a day, make sure you consume larger quantities of food during those meals. You cannot be exact with your macro´s in a school cafeteria, therefore I recommend using the portion size method. This basically means that you use your eyes and the plate as your scale. When you are bulking, I recommend the following plate:

2/3rd  Carbs
1/3rd  Protein

On your next plate, add a healthy fat source, and a piece of fruit.

If you are cutting, use the following plate:

2/3rd Protein
1/3rd Carbs

Make sure these calories come from nutritious foods, not from pizza and burgers. Always try to doggy-bag whatever you can from the cafeteria such as fruit, cereal bars and hard-boiled eggs

2. Play Hard, Train Even Harder

Try to train 4-6 days per week for 1-2 hour sessions. I highly recommend you train every bodypart at least twice a week, for optimal results. You can use a Push Pull Legs, Upper Lower or Fullbody workout for example. You can also choose for my customized workout plan, which will be tailored towards your goals.

Since your hormones are shooting through the roof, this is the time to make some serious gains in strength and mass. Aim to push more weights on every workout session. You should train like your life depends on it. This is what you want, and this is what you are going to work for.

Since your hormones are shooting through the roof, this is the time to make some serious gains in strength and mass.

Find yourself a training buddy that forces you to go through the pain. This will also stimulate you to eat your food at school and never skip the gym. Your training buddy should motivate you and you should do the same for him.

3. Sleep Like A Baby

This is obviously going to be harder in college. Everywhere around you, people will be up, working or playing. Don’t let it bother you. Stick to your goals and keep in mind why you started in the first place.

With all this training volume, you’ll need to get your sleep in, to recover properly. If you don’t, you will crash at one point. Make sure you have time between your meals and training to do your homework. If you don’t, do your homework while eating. You should not sacrifice sleep in order to make your homework. (unless you really have no other choice).

Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night and take at least one day rest per week. Going out every once in a while shouldn’t stall your progress or hinder your goals, but don’t let it happen too often. In the long-term, gym performance will be affected  by the choices you make.

4. Supplements For Optimal Gains

Supplements on a student budget, it is definitely possible. Since you can only eat limited amount of times in the school cafeteria it is highly recommended you purchase some food supplements in order to get your calories in. These supplements I recommend:

– Creatine
– Whey Protein
– Mass Gainer (one without too much sugars)
– Multivitamin

5. Limits On Alcohol

This is very important when you are still a student. You want to build muscle, but at the same time you want to party and drink alcohol. And I agree that you certainly should have a drink every once in a while. Have no doubt though: Alcohol directly inhibits the muscle-building process. But it is possible to still make gains while drinking once a week for example.

Alcohol directly inhibits the muscle-building process.

If you think you can make gains while going out 4 days a week and drinking a lot, find it out the hard way. Training hard is simply not going to happen the next day if you have a hangover.

Follow these rules and you’ll be a beast in college! Stay consistent and results will come very fast.

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