I'm happy to say that every client of mine has so far had results. Cookie-cuttered plans will not be distributed. Every plan is highly customized and personalized towards your body and goals. This enables every person to get optimal results. This is what sets Student Aesthetics apart from the rest of the market. Read what some of my clients have accomplished!

Client Transformation: Franky Lorenzo

Before: 175 lbs (79,4 kg)
After: 147 lbs (66,6 kg)
Time Frame: 20 weeks

Franky lost 28 pounds in 20 weeks. He dropped from 175lbs to 147lbs while maintaining his strength in the gym.

"I purchased the customized Meal and Workout Plans by Merjin and I was highly impressed. Not only was the plan very affordable compared to many other fitness channels out there, i also was able to receive it in less than 24 hours. I really appreciate what Merjin does for his followers and I plan to be a client for a very long time to come!"
Franky Lorenzo, United States

Client Transformation: Youri Alting

Before: 192 lbs (87 kg)
After: 167 lbs (76 kg)
Time Frame: 12 weeks

Youri lost exactly 25 pounds in the 8 weeks of working with me which is an outstanding accomplishment. What is even more outstanding is that Youri was able to increase little by little on his main lifts using the training routine I put him on, leading him to actually gain strength while getting leaner!

"The programs were send to me very quickly and it was clear they were fully customized towards my needs. All my favourite foods were included, so I’m very happy to stick to the program! Highly recommended."
Adrian, France
"I am now six weeks into this program and I absolutely admire Merijn for his work. He didn’t just provide me with a plan but he keeps in touch all the time, and keeps educating me on fitness and dieting."
Cory, United States

Client Transformation: Rejus

Before: 200 lbs (90 kg)
After: 176,5 lbs (80 kg)
Time Frame: 20 weeks

Rejus started at 200lbs (90kg) in August and dieted down to 176,5lbs (80kg) by January.

When I started working with Merijin I already knew quite a lot about nutrition and how to count my macros. But I didn't exactly know when to do what and how to adjust my calories and macros properly, what's the best way to lose fat because there are so many different opinions out there. One may say you have to go aggressively for 6-8 weeks while others may say slow and steady for 16-20 weeks is the way to go.
I tried doing it myself many times but whenever my progress stalled or wasn't going the way I wanted I would change it drastically or say what's the point? It's not working and go back to eating cookies all day long and drop the gym.
With Student Aesthetics there's no more guessing, every week I reported my progress thru email and I got adjustments when they were needed, all the guess work was out of the window. Literally just follow the plan that's provided for you and results are guaranteed.
Rejus, Lithuania

Client Transformation: Joey Witzand

Before: 216 lbs (98 kg)
After: 194 lbs (88 kg)
Time Frame: 16 weeks

Joey is an ultimate example of how fast a person can make a huge transformation by having a solid muscle foundation and cutting down to reveal that. After 3 months of dieting he felt mentally/physically exhausted so I planned in a diet break of 1 week. After this break, he was completely ready to continue. This shows that a personal approach is the most effective one. I listen to all of my clients before acting, since every body is different.

Client Transformation: Karin Larven

Before: 165 lbs (75 kg)
After: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Time Frame: 8 weeks

Karin from Estonia lost 15 pounds in 8 weeks while working with me. She stuck to the program 100% every single week and the results definitely speak for itself!

Her workout program was 4 times a week, with the lower body workouts mainly focussed on glute development but we also did heavy upper body work. A lot of women are scared that lifting heavy will make them bulky, but that's complete BS! It will help you make your whole body become tighter and by having more strength/muscle you will burn more calories overall as well enabling you to eat more food on a daily basis.

By using a flexible dieting approach, Karin was able to eat the foods that she wanted to on a daily basis as long as it fitted the daily caloric intake. This is the way I preach all my clients to follow my programs. I do not provide "cookie cutter" programs. Every program is completely personalized and geared towards teaching you more about fitness and nutrition instead of just giving you a strict program to follow. Those type of programs are only for the short term. I want my clients to be able to benefit from the courses for the rest of their lives.

"I just want to say a huge thank you for guiding me through this 8 weeks. I am super satisfied with the work and I think your program is super efficient! I feel much happier and healthier. My overall life quality has improved immensely - for that I cannot thank you enough! I wish you all the best and hopefully soon enough I will start another one of your programs :)"
Karin Larven, United Kingdom

Client Transformation: Roy Deursen

Before: 185 lbs (84 kg)
After: 170 lbs (77 kg)
Time Frame: 8 weeks

Roy has been a long-time client of mine. We started a lean muscle gaining phase together first for 16+ weeks to build his muscle foundation. Right now we are cutting down and revealing that muscle he put on very successfully. After 8 weeks, the difference is already massively noticeable. His abs are revealed and his shoulder separations are definitely not lying either. Roy has no excuses, ever since the start he stuck to my lead and the results are showing it!

Client Transformation: Fouad

Before: 192 lbs (90 kg)
After: 176,5 lbs (80 kg)
Time Frame: 8 weeks

Fouad went from 192lbs (87kg) to 176,5lbs (80kg) by following my 8 week Online Coaching program. He is a great example of what can be accomplished if you fully stick to the program every single week, even though it can get tough.

"Before I applied for coaching I was starving myself to lose weight. On some days I only had 600 calories in the whole day, and I still didn't lose fat. Merijn showed me a better way to lose fat by not restricting my calories too much. I am now eating three times as much and I am leaner than before. Happy to have a coach that is knowledgable and truly cares about your health."
Sandra, United Kingdom

Client Transformation: Luca Piacentini

Before: 194 lbs (88 kg)
After: 180 lbs (82 kg)
Time Frame: 8 weeks

Luca has been my client for 8 weeks and within that time he has lost over 10 pounds while his main lifts have stayed the same (or slightly increased) in strength. His abs are now fully revealed and the seperation in the arms/shoulders shows that he is getting really lean succesfully.

Client Transformation: Dave Janssen

Before: 194 lbs (88 kg)
After: 178 lbs (81 kg)
Time Frame: 8 weeks

Dave is a current client on the 16 week Online Coaching program. He is now 8 weeks in, and so far he has lost over 15 pounds already! The most awesome thing? He is still slowly gaining strength on his main exercises. His squat and bench improved slightly and he went from doing bodyweight pullups to weighted pullups with a 15KG plate. This is the result of a proper training program that is designed towards maintaining (or even building) strength during a fat loss phase.

Client Transformation: Akram El Missaoui

"It’s great to finally get advice from someone who knows what he’s talking about. I got an amazingly detailed but doable meal- and workoutplan from Merijn which helped me gain almost 10 pounds in only 5 weeks!"
Akram El Missaoui, The Netherlands
"I wanted to lose some extra weight, and get healthier. The meal plan was customized towards my vegan lifestyle. I wanted to switch some foods and within a few hours I got an adapted plan. Very happy with the quick support! I also lost a few pounds already :)"
Emmy, Switzerland
"With the custom meal plan I followed the training routine from Student Aesthetics’ fitness channel and I gained 5 pounds of muscle so far (4 weeks). I am very happy with the results, and I can tell the plans are fully customized and adjusted for each individual which I highly respect."
James Frone, United States
"Very good support during 12 week coaching, caring about me feeling good on my diet and food choices amazing. Finally started muscle building after months of no results. Thank you sir!"
Alex Ajello, Italy

Client Transformation: Jasper Van Oers

"The first time I heard of Student Aesthetics was when I was searching some decent videos on youtube. I was already watching some famous channels on YouTube but I missed some good information for beginner lifters.
Then I found the channel of Student Aesthetics. My first impression was that there were some good videos and ´´the guy´´ had a decent physique. After watching more and more videos I realized that I did not know anything about the real fitness life. All that I knew was the typical bro-science of getting on shitty diets and lift weight for 12-15 reps for ´´muscle mass´´ .
After this, I decided to sign up as a client of Student Aesthetics and give it a shot. This decision was probably the best one I had ever made fitness related. Merijn from Student Aesthetics was from the beginning 100% real with me, no bro-science, and just real science of how to build muscle mass with some proper training routines and the use of flexible dieting. When Merijn started coaching me, I weighed 72KG (158lbs). After 4 months of coaching, I am weighing 90.5KG (199lbs), so I gained almost 19KG (and no I am still not fat). The increase of weights that I lift right now is huge and I made some decent progression. I have to say that this is my first year in the fitness world and I made it myself a lifestyle.
So, for all the people that are hesitating about giving it a shot and sign up at Student Aesthetics, I really recommend doing it as Merijn always is real with you and assure you to make some gains.

Finally, I would like to thank Merijn for helping me out and being so real with me. Student Aesthetics changed my lifestyle and the way of being in a positive way."

Jasper van Oers, Spain
"I made the mistake of training incorrect for years, following the workouts and diets in fitness magazines, eating 8 times a day, working out every day and spending a lot of money on supplements. After a while I still didn't see the results that I should have. When I found out about Student Aesthetics I applied for Online Coaching. I can safely say that this approach goes against everything I was told, but also, gave me the greatest results I've ever seen. Merijn also explained his methods and now I can build muscle and lose fat by myself with the provided knowledge. Merijn is doing an awesome job and I can't thank him enough. He has a true passion for fitness and that shows in his way of communicating."
Joel Scott, United States

Client Transformation: Mark Groenendijk

Before: 187,5 lbs (85 kg)
After: 160 lbs (72,5 kg)
Time Frame: 16 weeks

Mark showed that you can literally go from overweight to in shape within a matter of months! He lost almost 30 pounds in the 16 weeks that we worked together.  Mark has been dedicated with the program and followed it thoroughly throughout all the weeks working with me. He rarely skipped a check-in, and it definitely shows in the results that he obtained! Right now, Mark is a at a proper place to start a "lean bulk", which is a phase where we are focussing purely on building lean muscle mass while minimizing fat gain. We have lost a bunch of fat, and now we are going to focus on building muscle mass to fill up the frame!

Client Transformation: Alanas Guiskis

Before: 204 lbs (92.5 kg)
After: 189,5 lbs (86 kg)
Time Frame: 8 weeks

Merijn! It was an amazing journey for eight weeks, I'm really grateful that I did this kind of investment. Had an amazing experience, lots of knowledge, absolutely different mind set! It was a plesure working with you, looking foward in the future as well, who knows, maybe preparing for competitions in couple of years! It's not enough words to say, basically just - THANK YOU!
Alanas Guiskis, Belgium

Client Transformation: Rahul Rajpal

"I was doing it all wrong - both in terms of diet and training. No wonder I wasn't being able to see the results I was hoping to see. After I hired Merijn as my coach, I found out how much food my body prefers, what sort of training suits me the best, what macros are the best for my body type, and I'm extremely thankful to Merijn for his help and guidance. One thing that stands out about Merijn from anybody else is that he's extremely patient. No matter how many questions you ask him, no matter when you ask him - he will get back to you and explain you things patiently until you really grasp the idea.

In the last 12-15 weeks that I've been working with Merijn, I've been able to achieve my leanest conditioning. I'm lean bulking now and in the next phase of my time with him, I hope to get to my strongest conditioning."

Rahul Rajpal, India

Client Transformation: Lars van Haaster

Before: 154,5 lbs (70 kg)
After: 167 lbs (75,5 kg)
Time Frame: 12 weeks

Obviously it is more fun to show to show clients that are losing fat, since their transformation will look more impressive. However, I have a lot of clients on "lean bulking" programs, meaning they will be focussing on putting on lean muscle mass while minimizing the amount of fat gain. This is a slow and steady progress that every person will have to go through in order to reach a solid amount of muscle mass that will finally be revealed through a cutting phase.

Lars is a solid example of what can be accomplished with a proper lean bulk. He gained plenty of weight while hovering around the same bodyfat. He got a lot stronger on his main exercises every single week and therefore he slowly put on muscle over the course of 12 weeks.

"Received both my training and diet plan very quickly after filling in the questionnaire. Very professional approach and great communication. Even though I didn't purchase online coaching, Merijn gave me feedback throughout my weeks of dieting whenever I had any questions. Keep it up buddy. "
Adam, United Kingdom

Client Transformation: Jascha Schoeber

Yep, I even got my own brother on my program!

Being 195cm tall and a true hardgainer, ectomorph type build, Jascha had a hard time gaining weight. He did however put on over 20 pounds of lean muscle mass within his first year of following my program.

Safe to say, he is now carrying some serious guns on him!

Many Other Have Obtained Amazing Results While Following My Programs! The Results Don't Lie..

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