Product Description

What will I receive with the 120-day transformation package?

  • Meal Plan: Fully detailed and easy Meal Plan designed for you body type, worked out with the foods that YOU like! gram-for-gram with your age, weight, height, level of activity, goals, and your current condition taken into consideration.
  • Workout Plan: Fully designed for your body type, goals and daily activities. YOU tell me how often you want to workout!
  • Ab Workouts: The most effective Ab Workouts are included in the Workout Plan to have you get V-shaped abs and deep cuts, or a flat toned stomach for the ladies!
  • Cardio Program: Cardio programs that have been scientifically proven to be most effective for MAXIMUM fat burning!
  • Check-ins and program adjustments to keep you on track! This will enable you to progress EVERY single week for optimal results. These check-ins take place every other week.
  • Unlimited interaction via VIP Email (Higher Priority), Facebook and other forms of social interaction
  • Supplement Recommendation: Easily understandable Supplement Guide of the most effective supplements that I recommend for muscle building, fat loss and general health.
  • Nutrition Guide: This guide will teach you everything about nutrition and how to succesfully combine this with your lifestyle. I preach Flexible Dieting and this guide explains exactly how to accomplish this.
  • Motivation and support from me when the times get tough or when you simply need someone to give you an extra boost.
  • Refeed days included for those that are trying to lose bodyfat.
  • Lifetime investment: You will not just receive a program but I will also fully explain how it works so you can proceed yourself once the program is finished. I want to truly TEACH you the ways instead of just providing a plan.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS if you follow this program and give your 100%

How can you get started?

  1. Order your plan via my online store (button below).
  2. Receive the confirmation email with the instructions and questionnaire.
  3. Fill out the personal plan questionnaire and get started!