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In order to follow a personalized workout program from Merijn, a gym membership or extensive gym equipment access is definitely recommended. However this is only if your goal involves building muscle. If your goal at this stage is just weight loss then a personalized meal plan will suffice and a gym membership is not needed. Exceptions can also be made to individual who have access to limited equipment e.g. a home gym setup. But we advise these individuals on a case by case basis. For more information send an email to the address below.


All meal plans and workout programs are personalised to the individual. Based on (but not limited to) each individuals statistics, daily activity levels, food preferences and goal. A complete macronutrient breakdown is also included with all personalised meal plans. So anything you dislike, cannot access, does not fit your budget or simply want excluded, can be! Merijn currently has countless vegetarian/vegan/gluten free and halal clients. Each individual is taken into consideration and catered to accordingly.

Once you make a purchase you should receive a confirmation email. You will also receive a text file with further instructions and the personal plan questionnaire. This is to provide me with all the information required to prepare your personalized program. Information you provide will include (but not be limited to) your statistics, daily activity levels, food preferences and goal. Once you have submitted your questionnaire(s) allow 2-3 days to prepare your personalised plan/program.

The most commonly used method of payment is PayPal. You can also pay as a PayPal guest, meaning you don’t actually need an account, just a credit/debit card.

We also offer Direct Bank Transfer and iDeal.

To pay simply click the product you want to purchase. Follow the onscreen instructions and you should be redirected to the checkout. Again, let us know if you have any questions at the email below and one of the team can assist.

Because it helps you avoid the many pitfalls that prevent people from achieving their weight loss and muscle-building goals. There’s a great peace of mind that comes with having a personal coach and plan that you know, for a fact, will bring you to where you want to be, and that allows you to ignore all the bad advice and noise that’s out there.Another big benefit is that by being my client, you will learn how dieting and building muscle actually works (and how simple it is once you know what you’re doing). I will not just give you a laid out plan to follow, I will explain WHY I’ll have you do certain things, so you can use that in the future.So basically it will be a great learning experience as well. Through actual practice and results you’ll see that many of the mainstream “no-nos” are pure broscience.

If eating pretty much the same foods for longer periods of time is new to you, I guarantee it’s not as bad as you might think. The meal plan will consist of foods that YOU love, so it’s much harder to get sick of that. Also, when you start seeing results and you are settled into your meal plan, you’ll be able to turn it into a lifestyle. During the Online Coaching program I will be teaching you all about Flexible Dieting (IIFYM) and by utilizing that, I’ll guide you in how you can actually create your own meal plan successfully.

Yes, I can work around any type of budget. No problem.

Absolutely.Again, this plan is fully customized. I can work with as much or little cooking as you want. I do however prefer to include recipes you can really enjoy!

No it does not. I offer my services to people all over the world, and that is the beauty of a fully customized service. I can work with the exact foods you like and have available in your situation.

The great thing about this service is that I work with you, and I check in with you each and every week to make sure you are seeing results. In this way, I will assure that you’ll make progress over the weeks. We keep in touch all the time during these weeks enabling me to get a great impression of your body type and how obtain optimal results.If you follow the plan, and if you are honest with me, you will get the results you want. I’m constantly consulted to ensure each person’s precise needs and circumstances are fully accommodated.

You can reach me anytime by emailing