Would You Like To Know The Exact Steps To Obtaining Your Dream Physique Without Following Restrictive "Diets" Or Spending Hours In The Gym?

What Makes Student Aesthetics Different From The Rest Of The Market?

  • Not only getting you in shape but also teaching you the exact way of doing it, which you will carry with you for the rest of your life.
  • Not having to give up your social life to get in shape. Finding a perfect balance is what I'm always after, for every client.
  • Unlike most coaches I won't have you eat only chicken and rice 8 times a day, my methods are based on actual science and this includes no food limitations. You can still eat your favorite foods while getting results :)

What If I Told You That Just About Everything That Magazines And "Fitness Gurus" tell you is Straight Up Bullsh*t ?

  • What if low-carb dieting isn’t the secret to getting lean? What if you could actually lose fat while eating a lot of carbohydrates instead?
  • What if restricting certain “bad foods” and only “eating clean” isn’t the key to rapid fat loss?
  • What if you could enjoy “bad” or “naughty” foods every single week without hurting your progress?
  • What if you didn’t have to eat every few hours to “speed up your metabolism” and could just eat whenever you’d like?
  • What if you could actually gain lean muscle mass without adding pounds of ugly fat to your frame?
  • What if you didn’t have to be in the gym for hours every day to “destroy your muscles” but instead work out fast and as frequently as your schedule allows you to?

And You Honestly Thought Everything You Were Doing Was Right..

  • Working out hard 4-6 times a week
  • Eating healthy meals every 2-3 hours
  • Taking pre and post workout supplements
  • Doing a bunch of exercises to hit muscles from all angles
  • Lifting to failure every workout to “destroy” your muscles
  • Doing supersets and dropsets to tax your muscles even more
  • Hell, you even cut out alcohol to avoid any loss of muscle or strength!

But the thing is.. after all this hard work and insane amount of time spent you still haven’t made the progress you were expecting. You haven’t obtained that lean, muscular physique you’re after, despite working out every day and doing everything the “fitness gurus” have told you to..

WHY not?!

Let me tell you..

You’ve Been Given False Information By Following The Advice Of Confused “Fitness Gurus” Who Are Constantly Changing Their Beliefs..

These "fitness gurus" often use approaches that are far-outdated and are not backed up by science at all. But hey, it seems to work for them so they must be doing something correct, right?

FALSE. Very often, the reason their approach works for them is because they use anabolic steroids or hormones of some kind. With the usage of these drugs you can indeed get great results from "pumping up", "destroying your muscles" and "feeling it burn".

Why? Because basically every approach works when you are on steroids plus you are able to recover more quickly which means you can train longer/harder and more often.  Reality is that most of the people in the fitness industry (pretty much all) are or have been using steroids. The problem there is that the general crowd will follow their advice while they do not have that same advantage, leading you to not get any results at all. As a natural, you need to train in a "smarter" way. This is why you should follow an approach that is based on science, rather than the experiences and results of people on drugs.

"I can safely say this this approach goes against everything I was told, but also gave me the greatest results I've ever seen..."

"I made the mistake of training incorrect for years, following the workouts and diets in fitness magazines, eating 8 times a day, working out every day and spending a lot of money on supplements. After a while I still didn't see the results that I should have. When I found out about Student Aesthetics I applied for Online Coaching. I can safely say that this approach goes against everything I was told, but also, gave me the greatest results I've ever seen. Merijn also explained his methods and now I can build muscle and lose fat by myself with the provided knowledge. Merijn is doing an awesome job and I can't thank him enough. He has a true passion for fitness and that shows in his way of communicating."
- Joel Scott (Client)

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If You Have Average Genetics (Like I Do) And Are Not Using Steroids, The Popular Training And Diet Advice That Has Taken Over The Internet Is NOT Going To Work For You.

In short, what if I told you that building muscle and maximizing fat loss is actually much more simple and enjoyable (YES, even dieting) than you've been led to believe?

Imagine eating delicious meals every day that you enjoy... never feeling like you're starving yourself or stuffing yourself... having great energy levels and getting stronger in your workouts... and watching your body respond exactly as you want it to, adding lean muscle or getting leaner and dropping fat each and every week.

Imagine finally understanding how proper dieting and training REALLY works, while never falling again for the BS, tricks, false information and contradicting advice of "gurus".

I have good news for you. All these fantasies can be turned into reality if you know how to do a bunch of small things.

Let me tell you, when you know how to diet properly and train effectively (and this doesn't mean learning how to eat chicken/rice/broccoli six times a day and following a 5-day split in the gym) building muscle or losing fat becomes simple and enjoyable. Yes, you heard me right... even dieting becomes convenient and enjoyable.

Don't believe me? Stay with me...

Are You Making Any Of These Common Mistakes?

Eating A Wrong Amount Of Calories For Your Body.

When you start getting into fitness you have probably come across a list of "good" and "bad" foods for losing weight or gaining muscle in a magazine or on the Internet. According to some "gurus", losing fat is all about controlling the different types of foods you consume. They claim that certain foods get directly stored as fat or create hormonal imbalances that lead to fat gain. By only eating "good" foods they speak of, you will somehow directly lose fat easily. 

This sounds like an easy (and slightly logical) approach, since people that eat a lot of fastfood, are usually not associated with being in shape. This sounds like a great plan for people who have tried and failed at some weight loss programs that involved counting calories, or people who just don't want to have to track anything they eat.

Telling people they can eat more than ever as long as they eat "good" foods, sells a lot of books, programs and pills, but is it scientifically true and accurate? Hell no, not even in the slightest.

The funny thing is that most people that tell "calorie counting" doesn't work, can't actually explain the word. All they know is that they have tried it, and it didn't help them lose fat.

Calories are basically a measurement of stored (potential) energy.

The caloric counts of different foods basically let you know how much potential energy that food contains. Some foods are more calorically dense than others (such as fatty foods, since fat contains more calories than proteins and carbs).

Your body needs a certain amount of energy per day in order to stay alive. Your body needs a supply of energy in order to fuel all the tasks it has to perform. This energy comes from the food that we eat.

Now if we regularly feed our body more energy (calories) than it burns, we will gain weight. This is also referred to as a "caloric surplus", and the larger this surplus, the more fat we will gain in a shorter amount of time since our body will not be able to use that energy. So this actually sounds like it should be avoided, since you will gain weight. Well, there is more to it. When your goal is to build muscle mass, a caloric surplus is a state you want your body to get into, because a caloric surplus will accelerate the rate at which we can build muscle. Think about it, the extra energy your body has will now be used to help you recover and create new muscle tissue that's stronger and bigger than before. The surplus should stay small enough though, to minimize fat gain.

On the other side, if we regularly feed our body less energy (calories) than it burns, we will lose weight. This is also referred to as a "caloric deficit", and this the key to weight loss. In this situation it's the exact opposite; the larger the deficit, the more weight we will lose and faster. Here, the problem is that when you go too low in calories, you'll start losing muscle next to fat, which we want to avoid as much as possible.

When we’re talking strictly weight loss (not necessarily fat loss), a calorie is a calorie, REGARDLESS of where it comes from.

This is why you could eat nothing but French Fries and Ice Cream every day and lose weight as long as you fuel your body with less energy than it burns.

Don’t believe me? John Cisna lost 60 pounds in 3 months by only eating McDonalds every day.

So when it comes to weight loss, it's all about numbers. WHAT foods you eat doesn't determine whether you are going to lose weight...HOW MUCH food does.

So whether your goal is losing or gaining weight, the first thing you need to make sure is that you are not eating too much or too little.

This sounds easier as it is, since many calculation methods on the Internet are just completely wrong. More often than not, the numbers they provide are not accurate and will put you on too low or too high calorie diets depending on your goals. This can lead to a lot of fat gain when trying to put on lean muscle or lead to a lot of muscle loss while trying to lose fat.

Training Every Body Part Once A Week.

There is an 80% chance I can list your current workout routine right now. Is it the following workout "split"?

Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Biceps/Triceps
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

If not, it is probably a familiar workout "split" where you divide muscle groups into different days and hit every single muscle once a week. This could also be stacking chest and biceps together or back and triceps is a common one as well.

Now why did I know the workout routine you are following? Because like I said, 80% of the people is following a similar routine. The reason this split is so highly used all over the world is not because it has been scientifically proven to be effective, but simply because it has been widely spread all over the fitness/bodybuilding magazines and Internet. Nowadays it is also referred to as a "bro split".

The biggest problem with fitness magazines and articles is that the bodybuilders that are using those routines are 95% of the time on PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs a.k.a. steroids.) They are role models for most of the population that want to get in shape, and most people don't even realize that the physique of their role models are not actually obtainable naturally. They think that by following their workout splits, they will get similar results. Unfortunately this is not the case.

As a natural lifter, it is important to train differently, and most importantly, smarter than people on PEDs. Ultimately, this is done by training with a higher frequency approach and lower volume. This means you should train every body part twice or even three times a week for optimal results. Sounds crazy right? Training more often than people on steroids? Don't we need more recovery time as a natural?

And that's where protein synthesis comes in. Yes, I am talking actual science, not experience from bodybuilders on huge amounts of drugs. Protein synthesis, in easy words, is removing or repairing damaged proteins and building new ones. The new proteins are stronger and able to handle more stress than before. So basically, protein synthesis is the rebuilding of muscle tissue, recovering your muscles and making them bigger.

Research reveals that when you train a certain body part, protein synthesis is elevated for up to 48 hours after your training. In most cases, it is only elevated up to around 36 hours, after which it returns back to the baseline.

This means that after 36-48 hours your muscle is fully repaired and recovered. Does it make sense to wait another 5 days to hit that muscle again? Hell no, you should hit it again instantly to increase the protein synthesis levels again. Hitting the muscle harder than you would usally will not extend this time range, it will only extend the rate of muscle soreness, which is not an indicator of muscle growth. A muscle can grow without undergoing any soreness at all.

So the most optimal training for naturals is hitting your bodyparts multiple times a week with lower volume. As a result of training this way, you will experience a greater amount of protein synthesis weekly and therefore more rapid muscle growth.

I am a living example of the effectives of this type of training. I made the best gains in my life the first year I started hitting my muscles twice a week. I haven't ever gone back to training it less often after that.

The reason that enhanced lifters use a "bro split" is because they already have the benefit of increased protein synthesis levels due to the drugs they use. Their levels are elevated throughout the whole week, not only up to 36-48 hours after a workout. Therefore, enhanced lifters can obtain the best results doing a bodypart split, since it enables them to focus on specific muscles more, and due to the heavier weights they (usually) use, it is safer for their joints, tendons and ligaments to provide them enough rest.

Only Looking At Calories And Not At Macronutrients.

"A calorie is a calorie", we've all heard it before. There is definitely some truth in this statement, however, it can be destrimental to our progress thinking this way.

Like I said before, when we're just talking weight loss or weight gain, it doesn't matter where calories come from. So in that case, a calorie is a calorie.

However, when we are talking about improving body composition, losing fat and not muscle, or building lean muscle while minimizing fat gain, we must not only focus on calories, but also a certain balance of macronutrients.

A macronutrient is any of the nutritional components of the diet that are required in relatively large amounts. There are three macronutrients required by humans: carbohydrates, lipids (fats), and proteins. Each of these macronutrients provides energy in the form of calories. For example:

  • In carbohydrates, there are 4 calories per gram
  • In proteins, there are 4 calories per gram
  • And in lipids (fats), there are 9 calories per gram

This means that if you look at a food label and it lists 10 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of protein, and 0 grams of fat, that food would contain 40 calories.

You plan your daily meals to provide you with a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat, based on your goal (losing fat or building muscle). It’s actually a form of calorie counting, since your macro’s will fill out a certain amount of calories you want to take in per day.

The balance of these macronutrients has a certain effect on how your body responds to those food you eat. For example, protein is the most important macronutrient to have on point when you want to optimize your body composition. You can lose weight on a McDonalds diet, but it will probably not serve you enough protein to be able to hold onto your muscle mass, and you will lose a bunch of that as well as fat in the process.

So when we’re talking strictly weight loss, a calorie is a calorie. When we’re talking body composition, there is more to the story..

If you want to lose weight while maintaining as much lean muscle mass as possible, you have to do more than just being in a caloric deficit.

  • You need to get enough protein per day to preserve muscle mass
  • You need to get a certain amount of healthy fats per day, which play an important role in hormone synthesis.
  • You need to ensure you eat enough carbs to provide your muscles with glycogen stores to maintain workout intensity

That’s why counting macros is far superior to just counting calories. It enables you to focus on improving your body composition, not just dropping or gaining pounds that include a percentage of muscle.

Now, what you eat in order to hit those macronutrient targets is of secondary importance when we’re talking about body composition.

The reality is that the carbs from fries will be turned into glucose and glycogen just like the carbs in brown rice. The protein in a fat burger is made up of same amino acids as a plain chicken breast.

So trust me, low carb-dieting sucks and is not necessary for the majority of people looking to lose weight, and can be detrimental to people trying to build muscle mass.

Bottom line is that a proper meal plan not only provides the right amount of calories, but also the optimal amount of macronutrients for a specific person and its goals.

You're Doing It ALL Wrong!

I'm Merijn Schoeber from Student-Aesthetics.com and I know precisely what it takes to be able to build muscle and lose fat in an enjoyable way that is effective for every single person out there. My philosophy is different from most muscle building "experts" and bodybuilding communities on the Internet.

I approach building muscle and losing fat in a way that has actually been proven to be effective by science, not by taking steroids, "destroying my muscles in the gym" and eating chicken and rice 8 times a day like your favorite role model in the magazines...

By combinating the knowledge I have gained over the years combined with my own experience I have found the most effective way to train and eat as a natural lifter. The great thing? It works for everyone. Every single one of my clients is seeing amazing results using these principles. It makes them wonder why everyone is brainwashed by the fitness magazines and bodybuilding articles.

Are The Results You've Gotten So Far Really Worth All The Effort? Don't You Think There Is A Better Way?

Imagine an approach were dieting and training is made simple and where you can actually train SMARTER leading to MORE gains.

Just look at the results I was able to accomplish at 21 years old. This is the outcome of training and dieting in an enjoyable and sustainable way while following a science-based approach.

"Franky Lost 20 Pounds In 16 Weeks.."

​Franky dropped from 175lbs to 155 lbs in the weeks of working with me. He started when he was chubby and decided to try and turn his life around. At the end of the 16 weeks, it's fair to say that Franky is now shredded and far from chubby! Not only did he get leaner, he got stronger on his key exercises as well, which is the result from switching to a more effective training routine.

"Joey Went From Chubby To Shredded!"

Joey is an ultimate example of how fast a person can make a huge transformation by having a solid muscle foundation and cutting down to reveal that. After 3 months of dieting he felt mentally/physically exhausted so I planned in a diet break of 1 week. After this break, he was completely ready to continue. This shows that a personal approach is the most effective one. I listen to all of my clients before acting, since every body is different.

"Yoeri Lost 25 Pounds In 8 Weeks.."

Youri lost exactly 25 pounds in the 8 weeks of working with me which is an outstanding accomplishment. What is even more outstanding is that Youri was able to increase little by little on his main lifts using the training routine I put him on, leading him to actually gain strength while getting leaner! This is the result of training smart, by following a science-based approach. Many clients are used to following the generalized fitness routines and they find that once they use my programs, they are suddenly able to increase massively on their lifts.

"Dave Went From Doing Bodyweight Pullups To Weighted Pullups With A 15KG Plate While He Got Leaner.."

Dave is a current client on the 16 week Online Coaching program. He is now 8 weeks in, and so far he has lost over 15 pounds already! The most awesome thing? He is still slowly gaining strength on his main exercises. His squat and bench improved slightly and he went from doing bodyweight pullups to weighted pullups with a 15KG plate. This is the result of a proper training program that is designed towards maintaining (or even building) strength during a fat loss phase.

"From Overweight To In-Shape Within A Matter Of Months.."

Mark showed that you can literally go from overweight to in shape within a matter of months! He lost almost 30 pounds in the 16 weeks that we worked together. Mark has been dedicated with the program and followed it thoroughly throughout all the weeks working with me. He rarely skipped a check-in, and it definitely shows in the results that he obtained! Right now, Mark is a at a proper place to start a "lean bulk", which is a phase where we are focussing purely on building lean muscle mass while minimizing fat gain. We have lost a bunch of fat, and now we are going to focus on building muscle mass to fill up the frame!

Just Take A Second Right Now And Think About Something...

First of all, think about all the time you've spent in the gym. How hard you've worked out multiple times a week.

Think about how much time you've spent reading information, articles, magazines and forums trying to figure out what the hell will get you REAL results..

Think about how much money you've spent on supplements trying to gain muscle or lose fat..

Think about what you could accomplish in the same amount of time when actually knowing the proper information about training and dieting...​

Stop Wasting Your Time, Money And Energy!

I Am A Living Example Showing You There IS A Better Way.

A way where you don't have to live in the gym, put pounds of plain chicken down your throat every 2-3 hours or waste money on supplements that do not work.

You've already wasted so much time, money and energy into following programs and approaches that don't work.

How long will you continue wasting your time like this?

I've spent the last several years practicing what I preach. I found out what kind of approaches work best for certain persons vs others. This lead me to find that every person, regardless of their fitness goals, needs a slightly different approach than one another. That's why following cookie-cutter programs are not going to deliver you any results.

My approach is highly individualized, making sure every person is given the attention they need, and provided with a game plan towards their personal goals and body structure.

Truly Custom Programs Tailored Towards Your Goals, Lifestyle And Individual Body ... No Cookie-Cutter Chicken/Brown Rice/Oatmeal Plans..

Let Me Introduce: Online Coaching For Real Results.

Online Coaching is a full-round package where you will be guided throughout your whole journey. The amount of time it is going to take completely depends on how much weight you want to lose or amount of muscle you want to gain. If you stick to the program exactly (which you are obviously supposed to) I can guarantee progress every single week.

The most important and unique feature will be having weekly check-ins with me where you provide me with your progress statistics and weigh-ins every day. This will enable me to review your progress and update your plan accordingly to make sure you keep making progress every single week.

So not only will Online Coaching guarantee physical results and big changes to your body, you will also learn a big deal about fitness & nutrition. You can see Online Coaching as an investment in yourself, that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Think about it..after spending all that time and money you still don't have the results you were looking for..I can guarantee that even without the use of supplements you will see results using my plan, making this the most cost-effective investment in yourself you can possibly make!

What Does Online Coaching Include?

  • Meal Plan: Fully detailed and easy Meal Plan designed for you body type, worked out with the foods that YOU like! gram-for-gram with your age, weight, height, level of activity, goals, and your current condition taken into consideration. ( this includes macronutrient/caloric targets per day as well)
  • Workout Plan: Fully designed for your body type, goals and daily activities. YOU tell me how often you want to workout!
  • Ab Workouts: The most effective Ab Workouts are included in the Workout Plan to have you get V-shaped abs and deep cuts, or a flat toned stomach for the ladies!
  • Cardio Program: Cardio programs that have been scientifically proven to be most effective for MAXIMUM fat burning! 
  • Check-ins and program adjustments to keep you on track! This will enable you to progress EVERY single week for optimal results. This is VERY important since you constantly will need to make adjustments to keep losing fat/building muscle in the long run.
  • Unlimited interaction through VIP email (higher priority)
  • Supplement Recommendation: Easily understandable Supplement Guide of the most effective supplements that I recommend for muscle building, fat loss and general health. (these are all optional and not required)
  • Nutrition Guide: This guide written by me will teach you everything about nutrition and how to successfully combine this with your lifestyle. I preach "Flexible Dieting" and this guide explains exactly how to accomplish this and how to count your calories/macronutrients.
  • Motivation and support from me when the times get tough or when you simply need someone to give you an extra boost!
  • Refeed days included for those that are trying to lose body fat.
  • Lifetime investment: You will not just receive a program but I will also fully explain how it works so you can proceed yourself once the program is finished. I want to truly TEACH you the ways instead of just providing a plan.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS if you follow this program and give your 100%.

  • Imagine Looking In The Mirror A Few Weeks From Now, Seeing Your Body Change In Front Of You.. 

    Definition starting to show up...

    Muscles starting to get tighter and harder...

    Adding weights to your lifts on a weekly...

    After a few months, the difference in your physical appearance will be amazing, and people will start asking you.. how the hell did you do that?

    Are you ready to take the next step, and make this a reality?

    I will lay out the blueprint for you.. It's up to YOU to follow it.

    I am ready for it, are you?

    8 Weeks


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    12 Weeks


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    16 Weeks

    €319.95 249,95

    No credit card required.

"I am IN already. I'm waiting for you to make that next step. If you are ready, we are going to make this happen. If not, take a few days and think about it. This is an opportunity you do NOT want to miss out on. How long do you want to keep wasting your time, money and energy? You tell me. We can stop it today.. turn it around.. and get real results. TOGETHER, we can.


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